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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Top Workout Mistakes

When studies show that your usual gym member quits after six months of having enrolled in a program, one can only wonder: Do exercises really work? Just because they don't see results with such a little time they spend working out doesn't mean you have to stop yours as well.
The question should be: Are they really doing it right? You may be surprised to know that many people are doing the same mistakes over and over, simply because they are not aware of it.
All those huff'n and puff'n won't do you any good in your cardio workouts, specially when the very fitness routine you do stops you from losing weight. Just because you're doing 30 minutes of exercise each day doesn't mean you automatically lose weight. Instead, you might try to change your fitness program and focus those crucial thirty minutes in doing it right. So, what's stopping you from losing weight?
Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Doing A Work Out
Focusing on Quantity
If you look at those people doing their reps in the gym, can you point out who is doing a quality workout? Just because you are comfortable repeating your fitness routines doesn't mean you will get better results in your workout. You need to really focus in each movement you make so you can challenge your strength and aerobic skills.
Too Much Workout
Many overestimate the amount they need and the time they have to do their workout routines. There is also a myth of exercising at a moderate pace for 30 minutes, where they believe that they have burned a lot of calories. It's not that easy. Exercises do burn calories -- over time. Consistently doing so is the best way for you to burn fat and lose weight.
Being In Denial
Not everyone who says they are health-conscious will be honest enough to accept just how much of good food they are eating each day. Sometimes, one can lose track of the food he or she eats, which can hinder those weight loss goals. Keep a diary with you where you can track your food and calorie intake.
Doing the Wrong Exercise
What's worse than a fitness routine is doing the wrong one. You can watch all the videos you want, but unless you write down your goals clearly and ask for the guidance of a professional trainer, you might as well be joining the name game. There are even exercises that can truly be bad for you, specially if you have a special health condition.

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