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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Simple Ways to Workout with or Without Your Baby

It's all fun and games when you're pregnant. Every time you go to the doctor's office the first thing they do is get you on that scale. You see the numbers getting higher. Three pounds one week, five the next, hey your pregnant, what's a few extra pounds. You and your husband laugh. "Ohhh Baby, you're getting big," he says with a smile.
Why should it be any different? You are having a baby. You are allowed to gain a little extra weight, just as long as you're not gaining like crazy or have diabetes. It's okay; hey how often are you pregnant? Well, maybe you don't want to answer that.
So you're pregnant and you're gaining weight, then one day it happens. The little miracle living inside of you decided to make their grand entrance. You laugh, you cry, you lose sleep, then you get a routine together and you are ready to live a normal life again. (If that's possible.) All of your maternity clothes go into the storage box and out come your regular clothes. You try them on and...wait a second. Oh no! They don't fit!
One of the hardest things you will face after having a baby is struggling with losing the baby weight. For some, it's easy but for others it is a struggle. Here are some quick tips to follow when losing the weight. Remember, get a doctor's approval first.
Walking, If the weather's nice, bring that baby out to see the trees, the colors, the houses. Fresh air is great for babies. My daughter was amazed when we walked under a tree. Her head would turn back and watch the leaves go over hear head. Pushing a stroller is better than just walking alone. If you have a jogging stroller, you may want to decide to start a jogging plan. Just start off small. Running for one min then walking for two is a nice start.
Walking is great, however if you're like me and you live in the north, it's not the best time to walk outside. I joined a gym that offers child care. You need to wait at least 6 months for this one because most gyms will not take babies younger. It's wonderful to get a break and focus on exercising. The gym I belong to has a large window in the workout room so you can see your baby while you workout just in case you're you worry.
Maybe you live in the north, and your baby isn't old enough to go to the gym. Don't worry, you can still work out. There are a couple of great workout DVDs geared towards mothers. One I love is called FitMama. I got it a Babies R Us. There are a couple of different 10 minute segments so you can get a short workout in before you need to tend to the baby. Maybe when the baby quiets down again, you can do another one. You can do abs with the baby on your legs! You can do push-ups with your baby under you. They get a kiss when you come down each rep. It's a cute workout.
Another great thing to do is take a dance class in the evenings when your husband can watch the baby. Whatever you do the point is to get out there and get active! Good luck!

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