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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Exercise Ball Workouts

Workouts with a large exercise ball are an enjoyable method for fulfilling the strength-training fitness recommendation for healthy adults, which suggest eight to 10 exercises at least two times per week. The exercise ball is an inexpensive and fun way to add variety and balance training to your workout routine.
Flexibility: Gain flexibility with a short workout routine done on your exercise ball. Sit on the ball and do pelvis tilts and pelvic circles. Next, stretch your back with the back in a supine position with the back extension and the knee hug. Assume a prone position to do trunk flexions and rotations. Get up from the ball to finish the workout with the kneeling side and side lying trunk.
Tone Your Abs: Perform four exercises on your exercise ball to tone your abdominal muscles. Start by lying your back on the ball and placing your feet on the wall for crunches. Turnover and place your hands on the floor to do pike-ups followed by crossing the plank. Lie on your side and place your feet at the base of the wall for the side wall crunch.
Full Body Strength Training: Use your exercise ball for nine exercises and target all the major muscle groups. Begin with exercise ball pikes for your abs followed by exercise ball reverse extensions for your lower back and exercise ball glute bridges for your butt. Grab two dumbbells to work out your chest and arms with exercise ball dumbbell fly's. Sit on top of the ball with one dumbbell for exercise ball dumbbell overhead triceps extensions followed by exercise ball crunches for your abs. Target your obliques and finish the workout with the exercise ball move called the Russian twist.
Short on Time: Use just four moves that target multiple muscle groups on your exercise ball to quickly workout your entire body in a short amount of time. Use a pair of dumbbells to do the first exercise called balancing act which targets your shoulders, abs, obliques, butt and legs. Lie your stomach on top of the ball for kick-backs which tone your shoulders, triceps and abs. Hold the exercise ball in your hands to do the step 'n' go for your arms, abs, hips and legs. Sit on the ball again for the ball hop and exercise your arms, abs, inner and outer thighs

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