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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing A Work Out

Doing the Same Old Thing
Imagine eating sweet potatoes. It can be healthy. Now, imagine eating it for a month or two. What can be a healthy habit can turn sour. The same thing goes with exercise. You need variety to keep you motivated. Doing the same type of fitness routine may become so comfy that you won't be challenged anymore to do endurance exercises. There is just no challenge.
Doing It Wrong
You may do an exercise that's great for you, but if you're not aware of the proper posture while doing a rep, you might as well as injure yourself. The last thing you want is leave the gym with sore muscles or worst, visit the nearest ER. To learn properly, get the help of a professional trainer to guide you at first.
Doing Exercises - Without Drinking Water
Don't ever hit the gym parched or you will have a hard time doing your fitness routines. If you are not properly hydrated, your body and mind won't function well during an exercise. You will feel tired faster which may stop you from finishing your workout. Before you do one, drink 15 ounces of water at least two hours before your routine.
Addicted to Scale
Anyone of us who tried to lose weight will always be hooked on - weighing scales, and most often, there is disappointment. Your body weight may not move as much as a scale down since when your body loses fats, muscles form in place. Instead, try tracking your heart rate, cholesterol levels, or blood pressure. You can try investing in a heart rate monitor which helps you track the number of calories you have burned. Don't just trust those estimates given by gym machines.
Ever seen anyone reading a book while running on a treadmill? It just looks ridiculous. Reading can be fun if you enjoy it, but it can also distract you from doing a high-intensity workout. By listening to upbeat music instead on your portable music player, you keep up with the pace, helping you burn 15 times more calories than when you're flipping those glossy pages.
Being Surreal
You need to set realistic goals that you can achieve, which can fit in perfectly with your time and weight loss goals. Be honest with what you can do and have the discipline to follow your exercise goals.
If you love yourself, you need to make sure that you live life to the max - by choosing only those natural, healthy choices, a healthy lifestyle, and a dedication to having a regular physical exercise. Have the common sense to avoid these mistakes and you will have the best days of your lives -

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