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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tips to Carry Your Summer Workout into the Fall

The summer can be one of the most rewarding seasons of the year, warm temperatures, sunshine, long days and time off was just what you needed to create that workout routine you always wanted. Just as you start to see the benefits of your new healthier lifestyle the fall season comes in to throw a monkey wrench in your well oiled machinery.
Do not fear however! By following these simple tips you can make sure to successfully keep your new lifestyle well into the rest of the year. As a full time college student and part time worker, this transition is always a challenge for me from the summer to the fall when there is a seismic change in my schedule. I've developed a few strategies that have helped me immensely.
Plan Ahead
New seasons often come with a new schedule and the best way to balance your workout routine and your work hours is to create more flexibility and adaptability in both areas. If you're stuck at work and can't get to the gym today go to bed an hour earlier and get to the gym in the morning.
One useful strategy is to take your current summer schedule and create fall versions of it with different workout hours and substitutes that are more flexible so each week you can adhere to one or the other without losing sacrificing your workout routine. It is important to expect conflicts of schedule and not get overly frustrated when they happen because that can lead to defeatist thinking and giving up on your routine.
Get it done early or late
Typically gyms will open very early and stay open fairly late. A great way to make your workout routine become a solid part of your fall schedule is to go to the gym at opening time(usually 5 am). You will find that you're not alone at this ungodly hour and the facilities are cleaner and not crowded like during more popular hours of the day. Alternatively you can join the late crowd and go to the gym before closing time. Either way the point is to get into a workout habit that is very unlikely to conflict with your work schedule.
Make the commitment to make up or substitute whenever your a workout is sacrificed. So you missed the gym this morning, go for a walk in the afternoon after work and pick up the gym again the next day. If you miss a day altogether push yourself a little harder the next day. The important thing is to not let yourself get away with missing the workout. Your exercise should be a priority to you.
If you're a commuter to work or school you might find useful to join a gym that has facilities both near your house and place of work so you can remain flexible to work out near each location whenever necessary.
The gym bag is your friend
Having a well prepared gym bag can be a lifesaver. Get comfortable using your gym to shower and you can save a lot of time by going straight from gym to work in the morning or alternatively going straight from work to gym and changing into workout clothes there. Having a ready to go gym bag in your car will make sure you can take advantage of any unexpected free time that you might be able to use to go to the gym.

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