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Thursday, 30 October 2014

20 Minute Indoor Workout

First of all you have to do stretches for 5 minutes. Don't forget to use a stopwatch. You can do any kind of stretches that you like as long as you stretch the whole 5 minutes. My favorite is to sit on the floor with your legs spread apart bend over to touch your toes hold for at least 30 seconds, repeat as many times as you like. Another favorite is to touch the right fingers to the left toes hold and than repeat on the other side.
Here we go to the second part of the workout, don't forget to use a stopwatch. You will be doing my favorite of all times jumping jacks the whole 5 minutes. Sometimes i will rotate with a minute of walking or running in place as long as it adds up to the 5 minutes.
We are now at the third 5 minute session set the stopwatch and get the jump rope.
Jumping rope for 5 minutes
You can jump rope anyway you want.
Last but not least is the cool down set your stopwatch for 5 minutes. You can cool down by stand straight with legs shoulder length apart take a deep breath as you bend over and exhale slowly as you straighten out. Another one i like to do is just bend over and hang my arms down for 1 minute, i rotate these cool downs. But you may cool down any way you want. That's 20 minutes of a fun indoor workout.
The windmill is another good exercise to add to step 2.
Start out slowly and work your way up.

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