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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Main exercises for proper workout

Main exercises (15 min.)
All exercises in this routing are performed one after another without break in between for a full minute each set. Once you finished all sets - repeat.
1. Standing position. Perform 3 squats then lunge forward with your right leg, bounce (3 times) up and down, step back to return. Repeat (starting with 3 squats) with a left leg.
2. Push-ups. Five different widths of hand positions - five push-ups each
Put one palm on a top of another (5 push-ups); palms next to each other; then shoulder width push-ups; a little bit wider; and fifth is the widest you can push-up with. Repeat until minute is up.
3. Crunches with legs raises. Ten crunches; ten repetition of straight legs raise up to the ceiling and then bring them straight up to lift the hip off the floor.
4. Leg swings (over the chair), imaging a tall back of a chair in front of your then swing your right straight leg over it. Make wide circles try to raise leg higher. Do one leg for a one minute then switch the leg.
5. Superman fly. Lay down on your stomach, straight hands in front of you. Raise straight hands and legs up toward the ceiling (at the same time) hold it for a few seconds, then get down and repeat.
6. Plank.
Remember to perform each exercise for a whole minute without breaks between sets. After "plank" get back to squats, continue it for 15 minutes.
Cool down (2-3 min.)
Congratulations, the hardest part is over, relax now and use the warmth of your muscles to stretch and cool down.
This routing will provide a whole body workout in a short 20 minutes period. Switching the exercise to the different groups of muscles allows cutting the time on breaks, thus making it more intense but without overloading. If you are in a good physical shape you may consider making the exercises more intense by wearing an ankle weights and holding dumbbells during the lunges.

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