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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Get in Shape Fast

Everybody knows the importance of the health benefits that regular workout can offer, yet modern busy lifestyle provides so many excuses to put off exercises until indefinite future. It is always something: you have a gym membership but the gym is always packed or located far away; you could be running in a park but the weather is not suitable for your running outfit; and the last resort - indoor exercises - are not as effective.
Well, let us take a closer look at the latter myth. Indoor exercises are very effective, inexpensive, time-efficient workouts that everyone can and should include into their active life style.
Before we go over a detailed 20 minutes indoor exercise routing, let's reemphasize the pros of the indoor workout:
Any exercise is as effective as you are and the effort you are putting in. The spinning machine, free weights or any cutting edge gym equipment will not make you any stronger, faster or healthier - you are the one who have to do the exercise. If you are determined, 5X5 ft clear area in the middle of the room is enough to make you sweat and your heart pumping.
Investing in a pair of dumbbells or a set of elastic bands will be beneficial but is not necessary - performing the exercises with your body weight and the gravity is extremely effective.
Well, no commute time, no waiting until rowing machine becomes available - nothing can beat that.
The following exercise routing targets the whole body in a compressed period of time.
Warm-up (2-3 min)
Always warm up before performing any exercises. Depending on how loud you allowed to get - it could be running in place, brisk walk or knee hugs (standing position, raise one knee to your chest, pull it closer with both arms and hold for a few seconds; alternate knees). Rotate all major joints (one at a time): neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles.

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