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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Full-Body Workout Routine for Everyone to Build Strength

If you do a search online for full body workout routines using weights and body weight exercises, you'll find hundreds and thousands of routines. The problem is that you don't know if the program will work for strengthening and transforming your body. Perhaps the program calls for training 6 days a week, 2 hours a day and you just don't have all that time to spend at the gym.
You're a busy professional with a very hectic lifestyle and schedules to carry on. Who has 12 or 15 hours to train at the gym nowadays?
Unless you're retired or don't have to work, those programs just won't work. Then there are many programs that are missing the right elements that make workouts successful. You're after the training effect of strength increases, weight loss, and building muscle. To achieve that lean and strong physique, a program must have all of the following elements.
1. Compound exercises and multi-jointed movements
2. Variety of repetitions and sets per workout
3. Method of Progression; Progressive Overload
4. Right amount of frequency
Compound movements are an exercise that has you training multiple major muscle groups in one go. Take the bench press for example. The bench press works your chest, triceps, forearms/grip muscles, and shoulders at the same time. One exercise could potentiall work half the body in one set under 60 seconds. This makes it easier to do full body workouts.
They also allow you to use much heavier weights and poundages. There's no need to use different exercises for each muscle group. This saves time and increases efficiency while allowing you to get much stronger and burning more calories when all is said and done.
Variety is important for the training response. Why get stronger at just the high repetition range when you can also get stronger doing less reps and more weight?
Variety is key to strength and fitness progress. You also need a way of progressing from workout to workout. If you stay at using the same weight for 10 weeks, then you're not getting any stronger. Each workout, you should strive to use heavier weights, do more reps, do more sets, and decrease the resting periods. These are all principles you need to be aware of in an effective full body routine.
Now here's a full body minimalist and efficient strength training program combining weights, machines, and body weight exercises to help you lose fat, build lots of strength, and completely transform the way your body looks just in time for the spring or summer vacation break. Each workout requires only 40 minutes tops at the gym using a handful of the most efficient and best compound exercise movements. This workout program will work for everyone as long as you put in the effort every day. Don't skip workouts. Be consistent.

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