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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Workout with the Ab Wheel

Even if you don't know what it's called I'm sure you know of the Ab Wheel. It's that weird little thing that is made up of nothing more than a wheel and a stick through the middle of it. This easy little device offers one of the most challenging workouts of any fitness equipment out there.
It has been marketed to build your abs, which it does, but it also builds and conditions your shoulders, back, and both your arms and forearms. One could achieve great upper body muscle tone with the Ab Wheel.
The Ab Wheel would make a great fitness gift for either a birthday or Christmas. You can find the Ab wheel at sporting goods stores and even large superstores like Target or Wal-Mart. If you like to shop from home you can also find it from such sites as Amazon and E-bay.
The Ab Wheel is a great value Christmas gift that you can easily find for under $10. The only down side to the Ab Wheel is that the exercise is so intense that most people stop using it. If you have a motivated fitness minded person on your gift list then the Ab Wheel should get plenty of use.
If the person you are buying for is more of the type who is looking for the easy and magical fitness shortcuts then the Ab Wheel will be used once then thrown under the bed never to be used again
How to use the Ab Wheel:
With both hands grab the Ab Wheel by the handles on each side.
Get on your knees and roll the Ab Wheel forward until you are extended all the way out.
Now roll the Ab Wheel back to the starting position.
That's all there is to the Ab Wheel workout. I recommend doing as many as you can in one set every other day. Once you feel you have mastered this Ab Wheel workout you can take it to the next level and move on to the advanced Ab Wheel workout.
Advanced Ab Wheel Workout:
With both hands grab the Ab Wheel by the handles on each side.
While standing bend over and place the Ab Wheel on the ground.
Now roll the Ab Wheel forward until your body is extended with your hands out in front of you.
Now roll the Ab Wheel back to the starting position.
Repeat this process with the Ab wheel until you can no longer do any more.
The Ab Wheel is a great functional workout that has your body muscles work together. After a solid month of using the Ab Wheel you will find simple everyday tasks to be much easier and you will notice muscle definition starting to form throughout your upper body.
You do get a ton of physical value from the Ab Wheel since you get a very good upper body workout from a single grueling set that will only take a few minutes to complete. I'm not claiming that you will become Mr. Universe simply from using the Ab Wheel, but the Ab Wheel will definitely have an impact on the way your body performs and looks.

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